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Domaine Gilles Noblet

Five generations of winegrowers since 1927


Joseph Noblet



André Noblet



Joanny Noblet


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Gilles Noblet



Jean Combier



Mylène Noblet Durand


"Our love of wine and vines is transmitted from generation to generation"

It was at the very beginning of the last century that the first lines of the Domaine were written in the Burgundy region, like the great-grandfather of the family : Joseph Noblet.

In 1927, Joanny Noblet, son of Joseph, took over from his father. Then in 1936, Jean, the maternal grandfather, arrived in the village of Fuissé to work the vines on the property of Benoit Morel.

In 1953, André Noblet in turn took over the operation of the family's wine estate, which at that time covered an area of 4 hectares.

In 1977, the fourth generation came on the estate, under the leadership of Gilles Noblet, and who at that time exploit 7 hectares of vines in Pouilly-Fuissé.
With his wife, Yvette, they began in 1979 to sold their harvest in bottles, before moving to where the estate is currently located, to a place called "En Collonge", following the construction of a new cellar.

In the following years, Yvette and Gilles will continue to grow by taking over vines of Henriette, Maurice and Armand Noblet on the appellations of Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly-Loché and Mâcon-Fuissé.

Since 2017, it's now the fifth generation that has taken over the reins of the Domaine, like the daughter of Yvette and Gilles Noblet : Mylène. In close collaboration with her father, Mylène brings a burst of freshness to the Domaine to make the most of know how's family.

Since many years, the wines of Domaine Gilles Noblet have a comfort fame thanks to quality work that respects the environment.

The Domaine Gilles Noblet obviously supplies many restaurateurs on French territory and some individuals customers. However, it is abroad that the Domaine's wines have the greatest popularity, to the delight of fellow Americans, Japanese, English, Belgian and Swiss mainly.

An international influence that has made Domaine Gilles Noblet famous today.

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